• 7 years of professional experience

  • Over a million words translated

  • Specialist expertise in multiple areas

  • Localization for multiple English-speaking markets

It goes without saying that you want an accurate translation.

You also want text that reads well, tells your story and engages the right people. 

The process of translation requires top-notch language skills in both languages, an ability to gauge style and context, and an ability to step into the shoes of both my client and their customers. With over 7 years of experience as a professional translator and copywriter, a BA Hons (Dunelm) in French, Italian and Spanish and years of living and working in multilingual environments, I have the skills to provide clear, concise and accurate translation and localization services from French, Italian and Spanish into English.

I've worked with every size and type of company you can think of, including SMEs, some of the biggest multinational companies in the world and public bodies. Each business is as unique as the people who run it, and I understand that translation errors can be costly to your bank balance and your reputation.

I want to partner with you over the long term and help you to grow, so I only work in areas where I have particular expertise: 

Marketing: you name the marketing material, I’ve translated it - websites, press releases, brochures, flyers and more for businesses of all shapes and sizes, from FTSE 100 companies to start-ups. I have experience of translation in areas as diverse as cosmetics, electronics, agriculture and shipping. You probably use a number of platforms, which is why I use specialist software and tools to ensure my translations are consistent across the board and your message is not watered down.

Food and Drink: a particular passion of mine, I’ve lovingly translated everything from menus to recipes to manufacturing guidelines and allergy notices. My expertise in pharmacy and import/export translation also comes in handy here - I’m as comfortable translating shipping documents as I am a tapas menu and I’m used to consulting and translating regulatory guidelines, so whatever your needs are within the food and drink industry I can help.

Travel and Tourism: I love translating written material for resorts, tourist attractions, local authorities and tourist boards and more, for English-speaking markets. My passion for travel combined with my copywriting expertise allows me to truly sell destinations, and my knowledge of Italian, Spanish and English-speaking markets helps me tailor texts to your audience.

Documentation for businesses: a broad category encompassing year-end financial statements, business plans, import/export documents and more. I use specialist software to ensure consistency throughout, so your key terms and company style remain intact.

Pharmacy and Medicine: I’ve translated more clinical trial documents than I can count, so I’m a whiz on industry terminology and I can detect a misused term at ten paces - a “must” in this precise and demanding area. I’ve also worked on informed consent forms, patient information leaflets and all manner of CT admin including substantial amendments and applications for opinions. My medical translation experience includes patient records, test results and journal articles.